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The Zodiac Killer - Where it all begun...

When we are little, our childhood is the layer of our life, depending to make the choise between good and bad. Our childish rage must taught to be an trigger to become a stronger person, instead of hating the things as they are just the way they are.


Analyst, writer & publist

This Blog is written for those who know the basic facts about the Zodiac Case.

It maybe is not perfect layed-out and finished ready, but the person I found is still alive and if you are familiar with this case, you understand.

Its based on facts and as far as the information reaches. 
The name of this blog is based on the Patricia Hautz letter '... the story of a boy could be more rewarding' and 'This is the Zodiac speaking' words combined.  

After finding the Person of Interest it was the Goal to collecting al the relevant information and put it in a chronologic Story to make the Picture of the Zodiac complete.

This is the Zodiac Killer case from an other view.


As a real big fan of the sixties era for almost all my life I saw at an evening the 2005 movie about The Zodiac.

After seeing this movie I was  shocked because when I imagined beïng with a girl at a parking lot at night and thinking that a weird person would come and shoot... It gave me a feeling I never had before. Seeing a horror movie is mostly that the events are fiction, this was real happened.

Because the cruel events happend in my favorite era,and never heard of this person before,I would like just to find some more information after seeing the movie. Searching the internet, it amazed me how much information was given Public. From newspapers... the most detailed crime scene photo`s and police reports...

...and finally the Ramona High School year books...

While reading as much as I could, I still missed some information about the key words and clue`s in this story:

'Afterlife' and 'Paradice Slaves'

Everywhere I searched at different websites, I couldn`t find it anywhere. There were a lot of theories and thoughts, but I always want to go Back to the beginning, where things started.

First I read all the information on the site. It got well sorted information, monthly updates and over the years others person-of-interest appeared. It got a lot of my attention. When I read about Cheri Jo Bates, the comparrison and the Confession Letter, I thought that the killer would be at Ramona High during the same period as Cheri was. 

Next to that, the most attention was to get the information about afterlife, the bizarre collection of slaves thoughts, if this was a ritual to peform his power, then it must also be something that excists in culture, because a 'self controlled psycho killer' is a control freak thats operates based on rules and facts.

If this psycho killer would leave his marks, then, inside his world it must makes logic or is based on systemetical behavior.  

Before this Zodiac movie, I was as a child interested in the television crime series, like Cold Case, The themes 'based on true events' got the most of mine attention prior years, where the real story events are als in an other era. The bad things really hurt me and it felt good when a case was solved. I believe in the good things in this world and always fight Evil. 

Now I was in my own 'investigation', just like on the television, but with the interaction of the Internet.

So I stopped watching television, this was real and not fiction. Reading all the websites, blogs and other information as much I could find. And combine it with the classic information as known from liberies.

First it really felt like a real-life based police detective case. And then trying to get 'into the skin' of the Zodiac, to find him.

After that, like a Analyst,to combine the true facts to what is known with information from libraries.

And now, like a writer, to make the facts imagineble with the best pictures I could find in the best resolution or most complete.

Finaly like a Publist, getting the information, facts and supporting pictures in the right place to understand it for new generations, they only look at full color and HD nowadays, the rest, they think, is boring.

To solve this case or make a conclusion, the information world wide must not be a Maze but a Structured combined information database.

Thats why I started this blog, in the style of the sixties and with the letter type which was used by The Zodiac.    

The gathererd information was seriously built up. In 2014 the American year Books got online...

...and from there on my 'investigation' became more pointed to what I was thinking, my first and most intense thought...

...the key point and red line in this story... 

The Cheri Jo Bates case.

The connection between te Zodiac and this case compared to the Confession letter mades my always think that the Person Of Interest came from the Riverside area and was always on my mind. 

When I had written 'the Confession' letter,three sentences kept thinking of. Like to feel the intention of the writing. To my opinion these are the most important lines from where the clue to this person is hidden. 

This line included the information were the rage begun:

'I then offered her to help, she whas then very willing to talk to me.' 
(When she was in need)

--- Cheri, otherwise daily at school not ---

'But only one thing was on my mind, making het pay for the bruss offs she had given me during the years prior.
(at High School)

'She will be the shapely blue eyed brownett that said no when I asked her for a date in high school.'

'But only one thing was on my mind, making het pay for the bruss offs she (Cheri) had given me during the years prior.' (at High School)

The police report 'special report zodiac homicides'...


...and the 'Halloween Card' sent to Paul Avery gave me the searching direction wich resulted in this website blog.

Halloween Card Inside

The connections between the miss Cheri Jo Bates case and the Halloween Card Clue's that were sent.

The Great Pumpkin - Charly Brown - 1966 

...broadcasted three days before Cheri was murdered,and the 1966 yearbook as well in Charly Brown style.

The stamp at the envelope is named 'Earth Rise', replaces 1966,'Earth Rise' photo, and...  

...if you look at the 1966 yearbook page 120, you see that John is standing on the page with 'Rapid Rise'.

Ramona High 1966 - Page 120
To my opinion an 'Bumerker', an Scandivavian symbol for a person, in those days to mark their properties.

Halloween Card Symbol
The master connection with the information shoud be related to the Old Norse, the final Clue...

This letter got my attention for a long time. Paul Avery wrote a lot of Patricia Hearst. 

When Patricia Hears got the attention of Paul Avery, a letter with a clue appeared, 

Old Norse

I used it to find some answers, and the most of things are compared to Norse, Like the 'Afterlife Slaves', Torture, The Poems and Finally his Name...

...Jorgensen is a Norwegian name

And the Crossed Hair Symbol,
Zodiac Signature...
...are be related to the astrology like horoscopes, but in this case, a motive or method for murder...
Hismaël - Demon of Jupiter...
According to the facts as they are world wide known, it became this conclusion after a few years.

And because there is al lot already told and thought about the Zodiac, this Blog will only stay to facts. 
I never thought I would start a Website Blog, that idea became a half year ago, when I found a person of Interest as shown below. In my profession job, its my work to gather information, filter it to facts and to make a conlusion.

This Blog is to give the information public which was serouisly found.

On this blog are my findings about this case.

Based on facts, not on thoughts or theories, and if it are theories, they fit in the Facts.

Suspect No 1.- The 'Wanted' picture matches, better than any suspect before...

- His name fits the 'My name is' cipher,

- R.H. initials matches with his name,

- His name is in The 340 Ciper,

- The cross symbol is related to his name,

- He knew Cheri, at least as a schoolmate,
The Clues in: Zodiac,Mikado,EarthRise,CharlyBrown are related to 1966 - 
The red line of the Story

At Anestry.Com i found some more detailled information. 

It has never my intention to blame anyone guilty, 

It just was one big puzzle to me, first to find some information, then to get a glimp of Cheri`s life in the yearbooks where by accident I found John N. Jorgensen.

I really believe this is the guy. Paul Averly re-opened the Cheri Jo Bates case, he received a letter and a card, the letter contained a piece of Paul Stines shirt. He thought the guy was from the Ramona, California area. Well, this guy just fits in. The my name cipher fits for a hundred percent.

So I contacted the FBI, the Riverside Police and Tom Voight, just with my real complete name, adress, and my official e-mail, just asking if this person was ever a suspect before, but to my sadness nobody respond...

So I made this Blog to publish it World wide, to hope that some family member or classmate could tell me that I`m wrong because I never had the intention to blame anyone guilty. I just was looking into the 1966 Ramona High School Yearbooks, when I noticed this guy. And the year Cheri got murdered, he was gone from school, well thats strange anyway. And the facts just fit in, crewcutt all the time, Norwegian name, and the most thrilling thing, My name is Cipher...

 Person Of Interest...

I would be appreaciated If somebody contacted me about the identety or relation of this person. 

So if I`m completely wrong, the Name and Foto`s will be erased.

© The Zodiac - The Dark Side of the Sixties - 2019
from the Old Norse Eirikr

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